The Steersman and the power boat

A few years ago while we were still learning about The Steersman, we were sailing in light winds with a fairly calm sea a  few miles off shore. There was just the two of us on board Tom, my son, and me. There were no other boats about and we had popped down below in to the cabin. We were trying to get to grips with the new GPS that we had recently installed. Up on deck the Steersman was in control of the boat as we sailed along at a steady 4 knots.

Suddenly a big power boat roared past very close to us causing the boat to rock violently back and forth in it’s wake. Instinctively we both started towards the hatch, fearing the boat had been knocked completely off course. But, before we had moved half a pace, we could feel the boat starting to steady up. The Steersman was pulling us back on course, all by itself – Brilliant.