Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and me

46 years ago on 14 June 1968 Robin Knox-Johnston left Falmouth in his 32-foot (9.8-metre) sailing boat Suhaili. His was one of the smallest boats to enter the Sunday Times Golden Globe race which was to challenge the competitors to circumnavigation the globe single handed. Despite losing his self-steering gear off Australia, he rounded Cape Horn on 17 January 1969, 20 days before his closest competitor Bernard Moitessier, who subsequently abandoned the race and sailed on to Tahiti. The other seven competitors dropped out at various stages, leaving Knox-Johnston to win the race and become officially the first man to circumnavigate the globe non-stop and single-handed. He arrived home on 22 April 1969,

To be awarded the Haven Award for innovation by such a renowned yachtsman was real honour. He told me that day that I should pursue the development of The Steersman because he firmly believed it would be a great benefit to yachtsmen everywhere.