Designed for yachts with jib sail area between 6 sq m / 64 sq ft and 15 sq m / 160 sq ft, or typically LOA between 6m / 20ft to 7.3m / 24ft. This unit is designed for boats which do not have a jib sheet winch.

Helm Buddy

Helm Buddy

The view below shows the Starboard platform fitted to the coaming. This arrangement is for yachts which have no winch.


Where a winch is fitted, the Helm Buddy fits astern of it as shown below.

(The blue line is the jib-sheet, and the red lines are the shock-cord spring)

A tiller extension (not included in the kit) can be seen – top left of the picture.

Helm Buddy Fitted astern of the Winch

Helm Buddy Fitted astern of the Winch

The arrangement shown in this picture is for up-wind sailing. For downwind sailing, the spring is fitted forward of the winch, and the jib sheet is fed around a block at the stern, then back up the stern side of the platform, round the cheek block and through the jamb cleat.

Please ensure there is at least 1.0m astern of the mounting position to fit the spring.

The kit includes:

1 Starboard platform

1 Port side platform

2 Spring kits

1 Tiller extension clamp fitting

2 x  turning blocks (to be fitted to the stern, and used for down-wind sailing)

Customers Video and pictures

Helm Buddy in South Africa

Helm Buddy in the UK

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The Template

To help position the Helm Buddy on your boat, please download the template below, and print out with a scale of 1:1 on an A3 sheet.

Click her to download the Helm-Buddy Template

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