Our latest model which we released in February 2015, and is designed for larger yachts.

Steersman Commander

The Commander is designed for wheel steered yachts with a jib sail area between 40 sq m / 430 sq ft and 60 sq m / 650 sq ft. or typically LOA from 12m / 40ft up to about 18m / 60ft.

Steersman Commander

Steersman Commander

This view shows the set up for wheel steering. Here, the platform is positioned conveniently near to the helmsman’s’ position for easy operation by either the helmsman or crew. The steering pole is attached to the lower part of the wheel when sailing from close hauled to beam reach, and the upper part of the wheel when sailing down wind. The spring (shown in red) is positioned forward of the platform with a length of rope (shown in light blue) taking the load round a turning block at the stern end, together with the spring tail end.

The kit includes:

1 Starboard platform

1 Port side platform

2 Spring kits

1 Tiller extension/wheel clamp fitting

2 x  turning block (to be fitted to the stern, and used for down-wind sailing)

Steering pole for wheel steering (cut to order), and additional clamp fittings, are extra

An additional spring assembly is also available as an extra.

To see how the Steersman Cruiser will fit your boat, please download the template, and print out on an A1 sheet with a scale of 1:1

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