Radar Reflector Mount

Backstay Mount for Octahedral Radar Reflectors


  • Positions the radar reflector high up the backstay in the classic “catch-water” position

  • Keeps it clear of sails and rigging

  • Fit and forget, or lower down and stow.

Setting Up

A ‘becket line’ is attached to the backstay using an elongated rolling hitch, and an up-haul line is fed through the becket eye. These are then pushed high up the backstay using a boathook to a height of about 3m (10ft), with the tail ends of the up-haul line trailing.

Once the kit is assembled, the Radar Reflector is drilled and bolted to the ‘back arm’ of the mount. The whole assembly is then slotted around the backstay, and is allowed to slide up and down. The two wire stays are also shackled to the ‘back arm’.

One end of the up-haul line is then shackled to the mount, which is then used to haul up the complete assembly in to position. The tail ends of the two wire stays are then attached to the stern of the boat to keep the whole assembly in place.

Kit Price £34.50 (includes delivery in the UK)


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