Foresail Powered Instant Reaction self steering gear for yachts

Winner of the 2012 Haven Academy Award for Innovation

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The Steersman

An eco-friendly solution to self steering

Simple Design

The Steersman uses the foresail to keep your boat on track. It senses changes in wind direction and uses the forces this creates to steer the boat. The jib-sheet, at the cockpit end is attached to a swinging platform, and a shock cord spring balances against this pull. A simple linkage is then connected from here to the helm to keep your boat on course. With a large foresail in place, it senses even the most subtle changes in the wind, making the system very effective. It's easy to set, and simple to adjust.

Effective and compact

Unlike wind-vane systems the whole unit is contained within the cockpit area, so it is not prone to damage from freak waves or manoeuvrings in harbour. It uses the foresail, which is much larger, and hence more effective than a wind-vane particularly in lighter winds. Also, it doesn't block out the stern for other uses such as mountings for aerials, boarding ladders, davits etc. And, there is no drain on the batteries. The Steersman follows the wind from a light breeze to a strong gale, ensuring maximum speed all the time.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnson

"The Steersman is a truly innovative product that can bring a new dimension of enjoyment and safety to sailing"